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Welcome to EIES
     Our annual John F. Mulvihll Celebration will be held Friday, November 6, 2015 from 8 to 11 pm at the Woodland in Maplewood (formerly the Maplewood Women's Club, at 60 Woodland Road). It will be a night of dining and dancing with a full swing band playing music from a bygone era. This year we are dedicating our event to our great EIES volunteers, who have been supporting the EIES mission into its fifth decade. More details to come.
     Looking for a unique way to honor someone for a special occasion? EIES of NJ's TRIBUTE FUND is the perfect way to accomplish this, and it shows you care. Please click TRIBUTE for more information.
     Interested in becoming a volunteer? Call Sherrie De Rose at 973-762-0552.
     Your webmaster has been honored to serve EIES in this capacity for fifteen years, but he is looking to step down. We are looking for a replacement. Only minimal webmaster and HTML skills are required. If you are interested, please email Jerry Tuttle at fcas@aol.com .

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